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Our Generous Donors and Sponsors

 Golden Slipper Center for Seniors greatly appreciates the generosity of its Donors:

Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Elaine and Bernard P. Beifield Family Foundation

The Robert Saligman Foundation

Clayman Foundation






Bright and Christella Erichson

Charitable Trust

WW Smith Charitable Trust

William Goldman Foundation

Bernard and Etta Weinberg Family Fund


The Pew Trusts

The Patricia Kind Family Foundation


Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation


Hess Foundation Inc.

Golden Slipper Main Line gives a heartfelt thanks to its program Sponsors:

(Please visit our Sponsor's websites by clicking on their logo.)




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Make a Donation

Golden Slipper Center for Seniors depends on the generous contributions of individuals and foundations to support our services for seniors. Our goal is to provide social activities, hot nutritional lunches, and social services to help seniors live as independently as possible.  Our affordable programs are available 5 days a week and we serve over 12,000 meals a year to low income and fragile seniors.  Our overall program is built so that everyone in our community can participate.

Your donation goes to support these efforts. There are several ways you are able to donate:

1)  You can mail a check or money order made out to Golden Slipper Center for Seniors to:


Golden Slipper Center for Seniors

3901 Conshohocken Ave.

The Pavilion – Lower Level

Philadelphia, PA 19131


2)  You can purchase a pack of our C&M Cards (Condolence & Memorial Cards) right here on our website.






When you mail one of these beautifully printed notecards, it shows that you made a donation to the Senior Center in honor or memory of an individual.  A pack of 10 is $85, and that includes shipping and handling fees.

**For information on purchasing individual cards instead of the pack, please call us at 215-877-6667 and ask for Marcia. 

To purchase a pack of these cards click here:



3)  You can click the “Donate” button below and use the PayPal service to make a donation in any amount you wish.  The donation will be applied to the Senior Center’s account.



4)  And finally, if you would like to donate using your credit card but do not want to use PayPal, you may also donate by clicking below and being directed through to the Golden Slipper Club & Charities website donor page. There you may choose your donation area as Golden Slipper Center for Seniors and in the section with the question “What is the donation for?” you may specify either Golden Slipper Center for Seniors or Golden Slipper on the Main Line.

Thank you in advance for your generosity! Your contributions help make our programs a reality. If ever you would like to visit us and see your donations at work, please call us at 215-877-6667.

To make a donation to help seniors in our community, please click here.